Features and operation methods of EPS foam molding machine

  The EPS foam molding machine has the characteristics of complete functions and convenient parameter adjustment. Closed mold, feeding, foaming, mold, gas and automatic control, but also allows computer control to produce foam products with multiple heating methods Old machine molds that can be used in complete soil environments, in the case of no changes in plants, the The machine can be in good condition, so that the products meet the requirements of automatic vacuum forming machine. The foaming machine has compact structure, space saving, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, labor saving, steam quality saving, and raw material saving.

EPS foam molding machine is semi-automatic learning, a little bit, no training, every 2-4 operating machines. The foam molding machine adopts imported hydraulic system at the same time, and increases the clamping force to improve the speed of the mold, the molding cycle is short, the molding machine is automatic molding machine More energy-saving EPS simple functions are Chinese, graphical interface control, man-machine dialogue foam molding machine screw mechanical transmission.

The machine is simple in structure, practical and reliable, easy to maintain, perfect in fault self-diagnosis, motor protection system, safe operation of protection equipment, and cost-effective protective foam molding machine equipment, which is an ideal choice for capital or user transition investment.

How to do safety protection?

Check the operating status of the equipment

When overhauling eps equipment, it is definitely still necessary to determine the operating status of the equipment and whether it needs to be overhauled. If the operating equipment is stable and there are no major problems, in fact, you only need to do a basic power check and switch the equipment, which can naturally ensure a good use effect. In fact, these types of EPS machinery and equipment now have a self-inspection system, so we only need to do the basic inspection work every day, and naturally the normal use of the equipment can be restored, and it will not have a very big impact on our work. It is only necessary to determine whether the equipment is faulty and check it according to the maintenance method.


If the eps device really fails, it is very serious, then the basic troubleshooting of the failure should definitely be done. Be sure to disconnect the load and operate it without affecting the external equipment. Be sure to consider the power supply and battery issues of the device first, and you need to check it separately from the host, and then carry out some follow-up detailed fault inspections. As long as the overall inspection and maintenance can be done, the equipment can be restored to normal use.




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