How to choose waist support?

 Belt support is also called waist belt, waist support, lumbar support, waist circumference.

An introduction to the belt

The waist protection belt is generally composed of a breathable waist protection net, high elastic elastic fabrics and reinforcing belts on the left and right sides, and a steel strip or resin strip on the back. Its main function is to protect the lumbar spine and relieve and relieve pain by restricting the movement of the waist. The fundamental reason is that the back steel strips and elastic bands limit the flexion movement of the lumbar spine, relieve the pressure in the lumbar intervertebral disc, and enable the injured intervertebral disc to get adequate rest. , to prevent the aggravation of the injured waist and create conditions for a better recovery.

Second, how to choose the belt?

1. Choose a well-known brand with a good reputation

If you want to buy products from well-known brands, especially those from professional protective gear companies, dont try to buy some unknown brands cheaply. It is likely that the quality is not good enough, it is uncomfortable to use, and the corresponding effect will not be achieved, which is counterproductive.

2. Does it need to be equipped with steel strips or resin strips?

For lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, etc. during recovery, or for patients with acute lumbar disc herniation, acute lumbar sprain, etc., it is best to choose a belt with steel strips or resin strips on the back, which can fix the waist, reduce bending, and relieve pain. Therefore, this kind of steel or resin slats needs to be strong and flexible. In comparison, high-quality resin slats are better than steel slats.

3. Is the overall design reasonable?

To choose no and the human body curve, you must be flexible whether you are sitting or bending over, and you cannot sit or lie down after wearing it.

4. Whether the material is light and thin

After wearing it, it is best not to affect the dress, and not to look bloated.

5. How is the breathability

The waist guard protection may be used in spring, summer, autumn and winter, so the breathability must be good, otherwise wearing it in summer is really a pain.

6. How is the slip resistance

After wearing it, will there be any displacement during daily sitting, lying, bending, etc.

7. Are there different types of patches?

Replaceable thermal patches, breathable patches, and other functional patches can be replaced in different seasons.

8. Size

This is to choose the appropriate size according to the waist circumference, try not to wear a belt with a large deviation.

Three Precautions for use

1. It is best to follow the doctor's advice to use the belt protector. You can go to the hospital to check the specific situation of the waist before deciding whether it can be used under the current situation.

2. It is best not to use the belt for more than 3 months in a row, because long-term use is not a good thing for the waist muscles, and it will seriously cause muscle atrophy.

3. In the process of use, there may be no effect, or the back pain is more severe. You should stop using it first and go to the hospital to have a look. In principle, the belt has no therapeutic effect. It is an auxiliary device. After using the waist belt to relieve pain caused by work and lumbar muscle strain, you should focus on your own exercise, keep exercising, and do some targeted waist training.

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