Which is better, PVC sports floor or solid wood sports floor

 First, the advantages of PVC sports floor


1. Durable and wear-resistant: The sports floor is made of 100% pure PVC high-quality material, and the surface layer is treated with a special high-tech environmental protection high-tech material TPU technology, which has good durability and wear resistance, thereby increasing the service life of the floor.


2. Easy maintenance: pvc sports plastic floor has the ability to automatically eliminate external pollution. When cleaning and maintenance, just rinse with water, and the core dirt can be cleaned with neutral detergent.


3. Noise reduction effect: The pvc sports plastic floor has good elasticity and can play an effective buffering role, and the surface of the pvc sports plastic floor is soft, so the noise reduction effect is very good.


4. Wide range of application: pvc sports plastic floor can be customized in specific colors according to customer requirements, and used in almost all modern sports fields, gyms, and cultural activities core plastic venues.


Second, the advantages of solid wood sports flooring


1. Safety, the key to exercise is to pay attention to safety. In order to protect the safety of athletes, indoor gymnasiums will choose solid wood materials as the ground material.


2. Beautiful, solid wood sports floor has many natural patterns. These lines are very natural.


3. Comfortable, it is very comfortable to step on the sports plank, and the movement will feel better.


Three, PVC sports floor and solid wood sports floor which is better


1. Cost-effectiveness: PVC sports flooring has a higher cost-effectiveness, while the price of solid wood flooring is relatively expensive. Due to the different grades of floor materials and different structures, the price of sports wood flooring is also quite different. Generally, it can be roughly divided into three grades: high, medium and low. High-end sports wood floors generally use North American maple solid wood as the surface floor, and the price is about 1,000 yuan / square meter; mid-range sports wood floors generally use domestic maple solid wood as the surface floor, and the price is about 600 yuan / square meter; The most important thing is to use oak wood and other composite or laminate floors as the surface floor, and the price is about 350 yuan / square meter.


2. Tremor: - point tremor and regional tremor. Regional tremor refers to the range of the floor that is deformed by impact. This tremor range can seriously cause fractures. The tremor of solid wood floors is a typical regional tremor. Due to the closed honeycomb structure of the PVC sports floor, its tremor range is small and belongs to point tremor, which maximizes the safety of athletes.


3. Maintenance: The daily maintenance of PVC sports floor is more convenient and the cost is lower; the solid wood sports floor requires professional maintenance, and the maintenance cost is relatively high (for some floors, the annual maintenance cost may be equivalent to purchasing the floor. Price), while the surface of the PVC sports floor has been treated with wear-resistant and anti-fouling, and does not need to be waxed for life. It can be cleaned and maintained by non-professionals. Daily cleaning only needs to use a slightly damp mop.


4. Comfort: Generally speaking, the comfort of sports floor is from high to low: PVC sports floor, acrylic (polyurethane) sports floor, rubber floor, solid wood sports floor. It can be seen that the comfort of PVC sports floor is the best!




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