How our children's coats keep them warm

When buying a children's winter jacket, it's important to understand what the jacket is for. When you shop, you'll notice a lot of warmer versus warmest. No, we're not trying to play hot and cold hide-and-seek with you. warmer and warmest are actually our temperature rating indicators. Still confused? Let's take a closer look at the temperature ratings. They are a feature of every children's jacket, but what are they really trying to tell us?


Kids girl raintex padded jacket


A warm winter coat.

If your boy's winter coat shows a "warm" temperature rating, it will fall somewhere in the middle. Now the middle is not necessarily a bad place. Even children's winter coats with a temperature rating of "warm" can range in comfort from -1° to +29° F. Hebei Loto can help ensure your child's warmth and increase confidence because our children's winter clothing is tested specifically for children. The brains behind our children's coats use methods calibrated for children's metabolism to develop and test our children's winter coats because their young bodies are unique. As a result, they challenge our designers to make them different from adult winter coat wearers.


The warmest winter coats.

When a girl's winter coat is marked with a "warmest" temperature rating, you can bet it's a winter coat that will keep your child warm no matter what the winter brings. Our Warmest children's winter coats have a comfort range of -45° to +7°. Not all areas need a winter coat like this, but if you do, it's a purchase you'll never regret. Let's face it. The first 40 degree day of the year feels the same as the last -20 degree day. It takes time for our bodies to adjust. A winter coat that is too warm now may well be the ticket you need later.


What if I just need a warm winter coat?

Hebei Loto has plenty of coats to meet the warmth requirement. Start with a baked wool jacket. A super soft lambswool fleece and kids down undershirt might be all your little one needs to beat the low sun. A lightweight Kids raintex padded jacket

 jacket can be the next step. It's a handy temperature-regulating layer for kids of all ages when the temperature takes an unexpected dip




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