Why We Should Use Paper Cup?

 Paper cups became popular mainly during the American flu epidemic of 1918. Thousands of people used these cups to avoid infection. These were used to promote public health. Although there are many different types of paper cups, the more popular ones are the cold and hot cups. Paper cups are made from paper or cardboard. Afterwards, they are laminated together with a thin polyethylene sheet. The bottom of the cup remains sealed with a disc. In most cases, paper cups are disposable.


Paper cups are popular in commercial centres, hospitals, offices, schools and other facilities. Compared to typical cups, paper cups offer more benefits. These cups are more advantageous compared to plastic cups. Paper cups that can be recycled can be defined as green paper cups.


7 Oz Handle Paper Cup

7 Oz Handle Paper Cup

Paper cups are convenient, clean and hygienic. The paper mills re-pulp the used cups to make a variety of products. The fibres from the recycled cups are used to make.



Various paper products

Recycled paperboard


Paper cups are a sustainable option as they can be recycled.


They are also a sustainable option because they are made from renewable resources and their cultivation is good for the environment. In other words, they are made from wood fibre that comes from sustainably managed forests, a 100% renewable resource.


The market for wood fibre used to make products such as paper cups has a beneficial impact on the environment.

Recycled Material Hot Cold Drink Single Wall Paper Cups

Over one billion trees are planted each year in the United States. and working forests are sustainably managed.


Working forests capture and store carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Forests and the products they make store approximately 14% of annual US carbon dioxide emissions each year.


Residues from manufacturing processes, such as chips, bark and sticks, are used to produce the bioenergy that powers factories.


It is estimated that two-thirds of the electricity used to make paper cups and other wood and paper products comes from renewable bioenergy sources rather than from fossil fuels.

Coffee Cup

Paper products are a great sustainable option - they keep the land forested, store carbon, are made with renewable bioenergy and support our recycling system.


You can enjoy your paper cup drink without feeling guilty ...... just don't forget to recycle it afterwards! But make sure you check your local recycling guidelines.


The benefits of recycling paper cups

There are many reasons to recycle paper cups. Let's identify some of them.

Coffee Paper Cup

1) Fewer numbers of cups will go to landfill to rot and decay.

2) Manufacturing paper cups requires deforestation. By recycling, you will need to cut down fewer trees. Therefore, it reduces deforestation.

3) By recycling such cups, you will actually be promoting recycling on a larger scale.


Recycling paper cups is an effective way to go green. The foodservice industry should promote this green movement by working with the manufacturers of these products. They should also work with food packaging companies that aim to provide greener and cleaner products to consumers.


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