What is a curtain wall

  Regarding the curtain wall, some people say they dont know it. In fact, in our real life, the curtain wall is everywhere. However, many people know it but dont know its real name. So today, the architectural curtain wall design company will introduce to you what a curtain wall is. , What is the topic of the curtain wall, the curtain wall is actually the clothes of the high-rise buildings around us.

What is the architectural decoration curtain wall? It is the outer envelope of the main structure of the building, and has various functions such as windproof, rainproof, heat insulation, heat preservation, fire prevention, earthquake resistance and lightning protection. With the advancement of science and technology, exterior wall decoration materials and construction technology are also developing by leaps and bounds. Not only a variety of exterior wall coatings, decorative finishes and construction technologies have emerged, but also glass curtain walls, stone curtain walls, metal curtain walls and ceramic panels. Curtain wall and other new exterior wall decoration forms, and more and more in the direction of environmental protection, energy saving, intelligent, so that the building shows a beautiful scenery and modern atmosphere.

The application of building curtain wall technology provides more choices for building decoration. It is novel and durable, beautiful and fashionable, and has a strong sense of decoration. Compared with traditional exterior decoration technology, it has the characteristics of fast construction speed, high degree of industrialization and assembly, and easy maintenance. It is an architectural decoration component that integrates architectural technology, architectural function, architectural art and architectural structure. Due to the high material and technical requirements of the curtain wall, the related structure is special, and it is also a part of the building structure, so the project cost is higher than that of the external wall in general practice.

In addition to aesthetic laws, the design and construction of curtain walls should also follow the requirements of architectural mechanics, physics, optics, structure and other laws, so as to be safe, applicable, economical and beautiful.

The building decorative curtain wall is composed of metal frame and panels, does not bear the load and function of the main structure, and can have a small displacement relative to the main structure. Heat and sound insulation requirements. So what material is the curtain wall made of? There are four categories of materials used in curtain wall engineering, namely skeleton materials, plates, sealing and caulking materials, and structural bonding materials.

Decorative curtain wall engineering can be divided into glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall, metal curtain wall, concrete curtain wall and combined curtain wall according to the different curtain finishing materials. The most common of these are glass curtain walls, stone curtain walls and metal curtain walls.




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