Why Flexible LED Display is extremely acceptable in market?

Flexible LED display is an LED display that can be bent without damage. Its PCB board is made of a special flexible material that will not break due to bending. It is commonly used in cylindrical screens and other shaped LED displays. With the rapid development of the LED display industry, the manufacturing technology of flexible LED display has matured, and various customized LED large screens are also completed by flexible LED display to promote its popularity in the market. Then what is the reason for the production of flexible display? Is there a high acceptance of LED display in the market?

1) Flexible LED display is easy to bend, and can also achieve a variety of installation methods, such as plug-in installation, lifting installation, embedded installation, lifting installation, that is, the installation space is not affected by the region, can easily achieve a variety of installation methods, to create exquisite creative customized LED display.

2). The flexible LED display has the function of anti-blue light eye protection, which can effectively prevent the damage of harmful blue light to the eyes and avoid the visual fatigue caused by long-term viewing. In indoor areas, especially in the center of a shopping mall, viewers will watch the LED screen for a long time in a short distance, when the blue light blocking function is irreplaceable.

3). The flexible LED display has a small pixel spacing, such as P1.667, P2 and P2.5, which is suitable for indoor installation and can display HD even when close to people. Its refresh rate is up to 3840Hz, with high contrast, smooth gray transition, clear texture processing and other features.

4) Low power consumption, super energy saving. The maximum power consumption of flexible LED display is about 240W/m², and the average power consumption is about 85W/m², which greatly reduces the power consumption and improves the power consumption rate, especially the large-screen LED display, ultra-low power consumption can save a huge amount of electricity.

5) A wide range of applications. Flexible LED display can be used as ordinary LED screen, but also can be used in special fields, such as making creative shaped LED screen, cylindrical screen, spherical screen, curved screen and so on.

Flexible LED displays are very popular not only in the Chinese market, but also in the international market. The cylindrical screen in shopping malls and the shaped LED screen in entertainment areas are mostly flexible LED screens, which can meet the appreciation of most audiences from the appearance or the flexibility of products. They can be used for decoration, advertising and cultural communication, etc., so as to realize the multi-function of one screen. Flexible LED screen can meet the needs of individual, is suitable for economic development of electronic equipment.

Flexible LED display is widely used. The LED cylindrical screen in the shopping mall and the irregular LED display in the entertainment place are mostly flexible LED display. Whether in the aesthetic or in the flexibility of the product, are more able to meet the public aesthetic. Can be used for decoration, at the same time can be used for film and television advertising, cultural entertainment publicity.

At present, the production technology of flexible LED screen has been mature, and all the major display manufacturers have the production capacity of flexible screen. Flexible LED screens produced by NSELED are more competitive in the market. If you have any upcoming flexible LED screen that may need support, please feel free to contact the NSELED team for a solution. Our sales team works 7/24 to provide service, your request will have our fastest reply. We are here to wait for you and discuss further!




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