Sunplus has launched a new generation Three-phase string inverters

Sunplus recently released a number of new products, including a new generation of three-phase string inverters​. Since the establishment of Sunplus, we have always adhered to innovative research and development, leading the high-quality development of the photovoltaic industry.

Sunplus combines the characteristics of the global household roof market and customer preferences in different regions. Compared with the old products of the same model, the size is reduced by up to 40%, and the weight is reduced by up to 35% (from 79kg to 51kg).

This Series are designed for commercial and power plant PV system applications, rating from 30kW to 60kW. All models with aluminum housings which is anodized, increasing durability and effectively prevents corrosion. 

SUNPLUS has launched a new generation Three-phase string inverters

String Current Up To 20A

Max. 1.5 Time PV Oversize Input

Multiple Intelligent Protections

Anti-Feed-in Function

MODBUS Communication Ready

MPPT efficiency > 99.9%

Intelligent Temperature Control System

Active and reactive power compensation, adjust power factor

IP 68 Cooling Fan

Type II DC & AC lightning protection 

AC output 1.1x continuous operation


We are committed to provide global customers with a comprehensive range of clean energy solutions.




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